Monday, January 19, 2015

The newbie

Hey guys,

I'm Dany new member of 1PA. Just want to introduce myself. My first language is French but very fluent in English. So for our French community expect some French content in the future. I'm an Undead legion player mainly, but just received a gift of 5000 pts of Brets.

Right now, what I have on the painting table is the new Morghast. I just love this model. They are also amazing on the tabletop. Here is one completed. Let me know what you guys think! I have 3 more to do before ND Open in March!'

I also recently converted a chariot for my undead legion so it can look more vampire instead of TK. I used a beastmen chariot, dire wolves and some mantic skeletons. Let me know what you think about my conversion. 

I'm really busy with life atm but try to paint as much as possible. I will keep you posted with some update on my UL and my Brets in the near futur. Thanks! 


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