Friday, March 6, 2015

Army Showcase - Dany's Undead Legions!

Hey guys,

Been a while, I was very busy for the past couple weeks. Some of us are going to ND Open this weekend in Quebec City. This event is just fantastic! Two days, 6 games, 60 people! I'm really excited about it! Nick is bringing his Lizardman, Logan is going with his Legions of Chaos and I decided to bring my Undead Legions (mostly VC) as you will see below.

My list is different from the traditional double Terrorgheist and Black Knights bus. I will show some pictures and explain the list.

First the mighty Vampire Lord, a BSB Wight King, and 35 skeletons with full command. I also have a level 1 Liche Priest in the second rank. This unit is my hard hitter and is really hard to kill one on one. 

Ok, so I said no double TG but you need at least one. You can see also my 3 converted Chariots so they look more like Vampire Counts instead of Tomb Kings, and a spirit host.

This unit look scary but it's actually just 30 zombies with banner. I'm using a nice model from Scibor miniatures for unit filler. 

Here is my big anvil. 8 crypt horrors with my converted Mortis Engine and 1 more spirit Host. 

In this pictures you see the whole army including my two packs of Dire Wolves and 4 Vargheists hiding in the tower. 

This is it. My army is ready for action. Hopefully luck will be on my side, and I know we are bringing camera so you will hear from us this weekend for sure about this great event!

- Dany

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