Monday, March 9, 2015

Dany's ND Open VII Review

Hey guys,

ND Open just finished a couple of hours ago. Had a great tourney - very well organized and nice tables. This event was my second fantasy tournament and I'm very satisfied with my performance. We as 1PA did very good and I'm suspecting Nick and Logan will probably do a review as well of their experience in the next couple days. 

My 1st game was against a Dwarf gunline. 2 Organ Guns with Engineers, 2 Cannons with Fire Runes, 2 big blocks of Dwarfs - one with Iron breakers and one with Long beards. I was like this is gonna be rough for a first game. He deployed castled in a corner. I decided my best chance was to rush at his block with my crypt horrors and skeletons block ASAP because if I'm in combat he cant shoot at me. He started the game but I made sure I was 31 away from his organ gun and my TG out of his cannon LOS. It end up being a good strategy I rushed my army forward, 6 dice'd TK signature spell, and was in his face turn 1. He had 1 turn of shooting but it was not enough. I end up with a 26-4 victory. It was a good start for me.

My second game was against the guy that end up winning best general. He was running a nasty Daemon list. 2 Skullcannons, 5 Plague Drones, 1 Nurgle DP, 3 MSU horrors, 10 Plaguebearers, 2 unit of 5 Khorne Furies, 6 Beasts of Nurgle, 1 Beast of Nurgle, and 2 units of 3 Screamers. I look at this and was like I dont know what I am gonna do against this. I decided to castle and go into the middle grabing 2 objectives and hoping for a tie. I knew they was no way I could win that game. He has the perfect list to beat me and on top of that he rolled Infernal Gateway, Blue Fire of Tzeentch, and Bolt of Change spells for his horrors. This game end up being the weirdest I've ever seen... both of us were ridiculously unlucky. Can you imagine one CC he had like 5A rollled 5 ones to his I was like OK my turn to hit back I rolled 5 ones too we looked at each other we were like WTF just happened. I screamed at his DP with a full TG did 7W his DP survived he's all happy and charges me with him into my TG with him and 5 fury of Khorne - I was like OK TG is done. He end up not even doing a single wound and I killed his DP. At the end he won 16-14 so pretty much a tie. I couldn't believe it. 

Third game was against a really nice guy. New player like myself running a fighty Dark Elf army with tons of Cold one riders and a big unit of witches. His name was Matthew Sellig he end up winning best sportsman and I'm glad he did he was really a nice guy. This game was really like a chess game we were both afraid to hit combats and end up finishing in my favor because he had no way to deal with my TG and I did some damage with him. I won 19-11. 

Forth game was bloody, my favorite of the tournament, against an Ogre player. He was running some Maneaters scouting with a flying Tyrant, one cannon, 4 Mournfang Cav, and 9 Ironguts with Butcher and BSB. Once again TG killed a lot. We end up in a bloodfest turn 2 and fight the whole game in the middle. At the end he had one BSB, One butcher, and one Firebelly left. My Vampire killed lots of ogres, but not enough to pull a 30-0 victory. I won this game 20-10

At this point I was in good position - top 10 in battle points for sure and 1st day was done. I was very satisfied of my performance and I realized people are bringing their A list and A game. Competition is very high and I like it. Everybody is nice to play again but everybody want to win which is what I want from a tournament. I'm really happy about the ambiance.

Starting Second day against an Empire army and I'm about 15 points behind first place and I'm playing beside him so I'm hoping hes gonna tie and I'm gonna win to catch up. The Empire player is running lots of 1+ armour units, 2 Hellblasters, and 1 cannon. I don't have much to deal with tons of 1+ armour units even though its our name. Once again Terrorgheist and Vamp iare there to save the day. Vamp Lord end up killing 8 Demigryph Knights, and Terrogheist killed 7 knights and 1 Steam Tank. I end up with a 19-11 Victory and both leaders in battle points end up with a tie so its perfect for me. I will start last game I'm at 98 pts and they are at like 20 pts over me hopefully I can finish this well and place in top 5. 

My last game is against a really nice guy that will end up winning Best Overall. He's running a cool list I'm excited about the matchup and I believe I have good chance pulling a victory not easily, but doable. His list is 1 level 4 Shaman scouting, and with Lore of Death, 1 level 1 Shaman with Lore of Shadow, 1 Minotaur BSB, Throgg, 2 unit of 6 Trolls, 2 Chimeras, 1 Nurgle Giant, 2 pack of 5 Furies, and 3 unit of Raiders. I'm like this is gonna be a bloody game. He put his lvl 4 shaman 29" away from my TG on the side of my army. Im like this is risky I have no choice to take the bait and try my chance to 6 dice my TK spell to kill his lvl4 right off the bat turn 1. I do it but I don't miscast so he Dispel Scrolls my spell and then we go into his turn. Imagine the worst thing that can happen to me and yes this is it... He starts by Miasma my TG and I let it go because I know whats coming - 6 dice Purple Sun and if its not a miscast I scroll for sure. He roll double 6... I'm in trouble. Artillery dice I'm still hoping for either a misfire or small roll so he gets only my TG I can leave with that. Shit happened, and boom here comes the 10 killing the Mortis Engine and Terrorgheist turn 1. Right there I'm done. My turn I tried desesperate come back - Throgg unit is 9" away from my Vamp unit make the charge and chariot with flaming banner to so that's good. I also charge the chimera with Vargheists because I have no choice its that or I lose the game. Vamp combat I end up doing tons of wounds but hes doing lots too with Throgg and there is a challenge between my Skeleton's champion and his BSB... and guess what he killed my champion and roll double 6s on Eye of the Gods... Yeah, here come the DP. He lose combat by 3 so I still have a small chance but roll a 5 so game is over right there we continue for two turn and it was done. I'm tabled, 30-0 for him. 

This end my tournament roughly but they was nothing I could do against that. I'm really happy about my Undead as they did way better than I expected. I'm changing back my list to ETC format now because next tournament is team tournament in Kitchener - it's gonna be fun for sure! 

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