Sunday, May 24, 2015

Powerfists & Psykers - 1850pt Warhammer 40k - June 28th

As you may have noticed on our YouTube channel, we are publishing content for games other than just Warhammer Fantasy despite it being our main passion and focus! To this end, and thanks to our involvement with CanHammer we will be hosting a Warhammer 40,000 tournament at FDB in Gatineau, QC as a primer and fundraiser leading up to Capital City Bloodbath in August!

This event is a proud member of the 2015 ITC Circuit!

Brief Introduction:
Welcome to a FDB and 1 Plus Armour co-hosted 20-man 40k tournament & fundraiser event. We hope to provide a competitive environment with an emphasis on having fun with our toy soldiers. Please read our tournament pack carefully. This is an opportunity to practice before the real challenge coming up Capital City Bloodbath in August. Please enjoy the tournament and we appreciate any feedback you can provide, positive or negative!

Entry Fee: $15 by PayPal to

List submission is due by June 15th or 5 points will be deducted from overall score! Details in Player's Pack!

Location & Schedule:
Frere de bataille 114 boul. St-Raymond 2nd floor Gatineau: 28 June 2015 9h00 dice roll

Arrival/Registration: 8h30
Game 1: 9h00-11h15
Game 2: 11h30-13h45
Lunch/Paint Voting: 13h45-14h30
Game 3: 14h30-16h45
Game 4: 17h00-19h15

Best Overall - $70 FDB credit
Best General - $50 FDB credit
Best Painted - $50 FDB credit
Draw Prize - 3x $15 FDB credit (Best overall/general/painted are not eligible to receive this)
Last Place - A special surprise! (~$10 value item)

Painting Standard:
3-Colour minimum on 25% of the models. Should be easy to hit, we just want to avoid bare plastic armies.

Army composition:


Battle Forged armies, only. No Unbound lists.

An army may be built using up to three Detachments.
- An army may not have a duplicate of any Detachment.
- Note: This includes “Decurion Style” Detachments which are comprised of multiple datasheets and Formations. They may not take duplicate Formations within the Detachment, although they make take duplicate Data Slate units within the Detachment if permitted to do so.
- An allied Detachment may be the same faction as the Primary Detachment.
- A Detachment may not be included in an army if it is Come the Apocalypse allies with another Detachment in the army.

All current source material is allowed, including GW Codexes, Data Slates, Formations, and current Forge World units and army lists which are listed below. Please note, Experimental and Horus Heresy/30K Forge World units are not allowed.
- Army lists in Imperial Armor 14: The Siege of Vraks: The Death Korps of Krieg and Renegades of Vraks
- Army lists in Imperial Armor 13: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned: Renegades and Heretics
- Reference our Imperial Armor Unit Index for the most recent rules for Forge World units.

Regardless of Detachments, no more than 1 Fortification may be taken.
- Rules are sourced from Stronghold Assault.
- Fortification Networks are NOT permitted.
- Aquila Strongpoint (and variations) are NOT permitted.

Non-Character Lords of War are NOT permitted.

Superheavies/Gargantuan Creatures are NOT permitted. This includes Imperial Knights.

The new Space Marine book (if released) will not be used for this event. Please use the 6th edition book to build your list(s).

Full details & Player's Pack @

Note that this event is currently sold-out! If you are interested in getting on the waiting list, please contact us at!