Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Powerfists & Psykers 2! Our next 40k event

Brief Introduction:
Welcome to an FDB and 1 Plus Armour co-hosted 40k tournament & fundraiser event. We hope to provide a competitive environment with an emphasis on having fun with our toy soldiers. Please read our tournament pack carefully. Please enjoy the tournament and we appreciate any feedback you can provide, positive or negative!

We will be recording the top table (with player agreement of course) to feature on our YouTube channel. We will invite one/both of the players to join us in Skype to do a voiceover on the video (sped up) to be featured as a guest battle report!

In the interest of full transparency, this event is both a tournament and a fundraiser event as noted above. 75% of the potential entry fees go straight back into player pockets in the form of prizes. 25% of proceeds (assuming we sell out) from entry fees are going into the 1 Plus Armour coffers so that we can improve the quality of content we create for everyone to enjoy, as well as to bolster the quality of our tournaments and events moving forward. The prize pool noted below is coming straight out of our pockets - if we don't get that much or more from entry fees then 1 Plus Armour doesn't get anything!

Scenarios have been revised since P&P and CCBB to address some of the issues brought up with secondary objectives. Relic and Emperor's Will have been removed entirely and replaced with new scenarios. The scenarios, scoring, etc... is outlined in the Player's Pack linked below.

Please note that the TOs will be paying full entry price and playing in this event as well. It's our feeling that at an event this small there's no explicit need to have full time TOs.

Entry Fee: $20 by PayPal to

List submission is due by Nov 15th or 2 points will be deducted from overall score! Details in Player's Pack linked below!

Location & Schedule:
Multizone - 140 Boulevard GrĂ©ber, Gatineau, QC J8T 6H5, Canada

November 21st

Arrival/Registration: 8h30
Game 1: 9h00-11h15
Game 2: 11h30-13h45
Lunch/Paint Voting: 13h45-14h30
Game 3: 14h30-16h45
Game 4: 17h00-19h15

Best Overall - $90 FDB credit
Best General - $70 FDB credit
Best Painted - $70 FDB credit
Draw Prizes - 4x $15 FDB credit (Best overall/general/painted are not eligible to receive this)
Last Place - A special surprise! (~$10 value item)

Painting Standard:
Paint scoring will be judged and the rubric are in the Player's Pack.

Army composition:

We will be using the full ITC FAQ & list building guidelines for this event. Information can be found here.



Since there has been a lot of buzz about the new Coordinated Firepower ability of the Hunter Contingent, we've opted to rule it as follows (unless ITC releases a FAQ update that rules otherwise):

"When using the Coordinated Firepower ability from the Hunter Contingent, all shots/weapons from all units involved must be declared at the same time (but each weapon is rolled individually as usual). Given that these are treated as being part of the same unit for the purposes of the Coordinated Firepower, any special rules will confer specifically for the scope of the attacks on the designated target.

Under no circumstance will the special rules confer to weapons fired at targets other than the designated target for Coordinated Firepower (i.e. split fire, gargantuan creatures firing at different targets, etc...)."

We feel that this is the best fit in terms of both RAW and RAI, while removing the major abuse that is possible when looking at it purely from a RAW perspective. We also feel that this helps provide Tau with a fighting chance against some of the more brutal deathstars that are currently dominating competitive play, while doing very little to affect their (already quite good) ability to deal with MSU.