Friday, January 8, 2016

Swords and Magic Returns!

1 Plus Armour and Boutique FDB Present: Swords and Magic!

Brief Introduction:
Welcome to a Boutique FDB and 1 Plus Armour co-hosted Age of Sigmar tournament! We know it has been some time since folks have mustered their fantasy forces. Let's be honest, the release of Age of Sigmar has somewhat fractured the community. Recently, several tournament comp packs and unit points/pool systems have emerged and gained some traction in the community. Players are starting to come out from under their bridges, or out of their dens to come and try it out, and we thought we would give it a go too! Therefore, we have designed this tournament heavily on a fan favourite Clash of Swords Clash comp tournament pack and the UK independent pool system will be used to make our army lists. All of this info is found in the player's pack. We hope you can come out, roll some dice and have a fun day of gaming with us! We will be looking for player's feedback to continue the development of a truly tournament-friendly Age of Sigmar game.

With player consent, we will be streaming the top table on our Twitch.TV channel as well as posting the videos to our YouTube channel.

For this inaugural tournament all registrations fees will be put back into the player's awards. We want as many people to come out and play as possible!

Please note that the ringer will not be paying entry into the event, and will be ineligible for prizes.

Entry Fee: $10 payable @ Eventzilla. Payment at the door is also fine!

List submission is due by February 27th for a 2 point bonus on your Sportsmanship score! Details in Player's Pack linked below!

Location & Schedule:

Boutique FDB 114 St-Raymond Blvd. Second Floor. Gatineau (Hull Sector)
819.205.GAME (4263)

March 5th, 2016

Arrival/Registration: 8h00
Game 1: 08h30-10h15
Game 2: 10h30-12h15
Lunch/Paint Voting: 12h15-13h15
Game 3: 13h30-15h15
Game 4: 15h30-17h15
Game 5: 17h30-19h15
Awards: 19h20

Will vary on registration! Will include a Best General, Best Hobbyist and Best Overall!

Painting Standard:
3-colour minimum and fully built to not receive 0. More details on paint judging coming soon!

Army composition:
Details in the player's pack. CLICK HERE FOR THE PLAYER'S PACK
Disclaimer: This may be further modified prior to the event, please check it again as we get closer to the date.

Attendee List:
1) Nick B.
2) Chris H.
3) Ron M.
4) Jason H.
5) Phil I.
6) Brad H.
7) Cory Martin

Wait List:

Ringer: Logan M.


  1. When it comes to Chaos, is Nurgle its own separate faction? Nurgle Rotbringers are listed on GW store separate, but still in the Warriors of Chaos war scrolls, and under WoC for pool building too.

  2. It's still pretty early the comp world right now. This is based on claj, not sure how they'd rule it, but if it's in the WoC warscroll compedium and scroplbuilder I'd say same faction.

  3. Perfect. I will keep that in mind. Am I able to put my name down for the tournament here, and then as the instructions indicate pay at the door? If that is the case, I will sign up.


  4. Sounds good! We will add you to the roster. The roster is also updated on