Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Live Stream and Podcast Delay


Sadly tonight Feb 23, 2016 our live stream needs to be delayed.  This is not due to any major issues, just some illness and scheduling conflicts.

I am however happy to announce that to make up for it we will be doing 2 live streams in a row to make up for this.

Tuesday march 1st 8pm EST - we will be doing the P & P 3 show where we will also cover news (big ITC stuff) and should have a few interesting Guests (Yoshi and Nick).

Thursday march 3rd - P & P 3 show will hit Itunes!

Tuesday march 8th - we will be doing our regular scheduled show topic to follow with another interesting guest.

Thursday march 10th - Regular scheduled show will hit Itunes!

If you have any questions email us!


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