Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tales From The Spire - Meet your Host - Skari

Hello Can Hammer Fans. Welcome to a new segment on the Blog: Tales From The Spire. This will be an editorial style post that will touch on various hobby related topics. 

I am Skari, host of Skaredcast (Ridvan is my real name*). In the first Episode of Tales From The Spire you will get to know a bit more about myself... my story, the armies I play as well as other tidbits that I guess help you get a better picture of who I am, and why these posts will be appearing on the Blog. 

My hobby journey began when I walked into a hobby store in England when I was 14 or 15 years old and walked out with the 3rd edition starter set for Warhammer 40k 3rd Edition. This began it all, the set contained 20 Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors, and 10 Tactical Space Marines with a Land Speeder. My first games involved my brother and I. We quickly realized that the Dark Eldar were outmatched by the Space Marines in the set, so; we would split the space marines equally and play on the dining room table. This led to many a night after school arguing over rules and learning that Multi Meltas were not a Blast Weapon (we totally thought that was the case!). 

As my interest in Tabletop hobbies matured I began getting more involved in the community, traveling to my FLGS (friendly local gaming store) each week was no easy feat, taking about 2 hours... a bus, subway and 20 minute walk. I also had my first tournament experiences back then and really fell in love with not only the gaming aspect of this hobby of ours, but also the social contract, the people that we meet and the friends that we make. 

I moved to Canada 13 years ago! And I have played many armies in this time, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Orks even had some Sisters of Battle. But my main army had always been the Zealous Black Templars. My attention was soon directed to the fringe faction of the Dark Eldar (now Drukhari), they were fast, hit hard and few people played them! This really has fuelled my passion for almost the last 10 years now with my collection growing and my skill set increasing I am pleased to be a part of the Can Hammer team.

What can you expect from me?

Well, I aim to create positive, constructive content with a focus on gaming and hobby, not just focused on winning, but on all rounded aspects. I love to draw attention to the attitude that we have going into a game, and the psychology of list building and unseen or latent dynamics between units. The strategies involved not only in theory or math hammer... but based on practical application through actual gaming. Less theory hammer! 

Let me know here. What would you like me to discuss? What list would you like me to review?

Thanks a lot for tuning in. 

Tales From The Spire.
Skari - out.

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