Monday, July 27, 2020


Francois' Ultramarines 

Supreme Command + Battalion
Supreme Command - GMan

Chief Librarian Tiggy - Spells: might of heroes, null zone
Primaris Chaplain - Litanies: exhortation of rage, canticle of hate.  Litany of Hate, March for Macragge, Master of Sanctity (-1CP), Master Orator (-1CP), Relic: Seal of Oath

2x5 Infiltrators
5 Intercessors

5 Aggressors
5 Aggressors

Relic Whirlwind Scorpius - hunter killer missile

5 inceptors - plasma exterminators

3 eradicators

2000 pts, 13 CP

Darren's Adeptus Custodes

Shadowkeepers Patrol

Trajan Valoris - not so legendary axe of legend
Steve the Biker Captain - Warlord: Superior Creation, Relic: Auric Aquilas, Command Trait: Unstoppable Destroyer (-1CP)

Vexilla - magnifica, Castellan Axe, Relic: Eagle Eye (-1CP)

5 Melta boys (pyrithite guardians)
6 Allarus terminators
5 adaga bikes (adrathic devastator agamatus custodians)

Big Bertha (telemon) double storm, spiculus.

2000 pts, 10CP

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