Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Lists for Stream Day Aug 13

Francois' Ultramarines - supreme command + Battalion

Gman (+3CP) - WARLORD

Chief Librarian Tigurius - Scryer's Gaze, Telepathic Assault, Storm of the Emperor's Wrath

Primaris Chaplain - Catechism of Fire, Canticle of Hate, Litany of Hate, March for Macragge, Seal of Oath.  Hero of the Chapter (-1CP), Master of Sanctity (-1CP)

2x5 infiltrators
1x5 intercessors
2x5 aggressors
Relic Whirlwind Scorpius
5 inceptors (plasma exterminators)
5 grav devastators, cherub

2000 pts/13CP

Chris' Sisters of Battle - Battalion + Fortification Network (-1CP)

Order of the Bloody Rose

Inquisitor Kyria Draxus
Canoness - brazier of holy fire, inferno pistol. RELIC: beneficence, WARLORD: Beacon of Faith
Triumph of St Katherine

3x5 battle sisters
8 Celestians (combi melta/power sword, simulacrum, 2 meltaguns)
8 Celestians (combi melta/power sword, simulacrum, 2 meltaguns)

Imagifier - Heroine in the Making, Tale of Stoic, Tale of the Warrior, Venerated Saint, WLT: indomitable Belief (-2CP)


2x10 Repentia

5 dominions (4 flamers, 1 combi flamer)

8 Retributors (2 boltguns, combi melta, 4 multimeltas, simulacrum, 2 cherubs)

2 Sororitas Rhinos

Battle Sanctum

1999 pts/10 CP

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