Tuesday, September 15, 2020

LISTS for Sep 16 - White Scars vs Custodes


Francois' White Scars

White Scars Battalion

Chaplain - exhortation of rage, canticle of hate, jump pack, Litany of Hate, RELIC: plume of the planesrunner - Master of Sanctity (-1CP): strike off the head, Wise Orator

Kor'sarro Khan on Moonfang

2x10 Assault Intercessors

5 Assault Intercessors

2x3 Bladeguard Veterans

Relic Contemptor Dread - cyclone missile launcher, twin lascannon, CC weapon

3x3 Outriders

2x3 eradicators

2x impulsors - shield domes

Total 2000 pts, 11CP

Darren's Custodes

Shadowkeepers Vanguard


Shield Captain on bike - hurricane bolter, WARLORD: Superior Creation, RELIC: Auric Aquilas, CC Trait: Unstoppable Destroyer (-1CP)

Vexilla - magnifica, storm shield, misericordia

5 Allarus

4 Aquilon

2x5 prosecutors

5 venatari (pistols/shields)

Bertha (Telemon) double accelerator

2x null maiden rhinos

Total: 1996 pts, 8CP

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