Thursday, December 17, 2020

CanHammer 195 - 40k, 9th Ed Secondaries Stats

 Direct Download:CanHammer 194 - 40k, More FAQ and TTS

In this cast we have Francois and Darren and they go over the new stats for 40k 9th ed secondaries.

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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Dec 13 - Live 40k - White Scars vs Custodes - LISTS


Battalion - White Scars

Chaplain Jump Pack - Master of Sanctity, WARLORD: Wise Orator

Kor'sarro Khan

10/5/5 Assault Intercessors

2x5 bladeguard vets

Primaris Apothecary - Chief apothecary, RELIC: plume of the plainsrunner, selfless healer, hero of the chapter (-1CP)

6 plasma inceptors

3 ATVs - Multimeltas


2x3 eradicators

1995 pts, 11 cp


Shadowkeepers Battalion - list version 9.5.3


Biker Cap - hurricane bolter, RELIC: auric Aquilas, WARLORD: superior Creation, CC Trait: Unstoppable Destroyer (-1CP)

3x3 Sagittarum (all mis)

5 Aquilon (bolters/fists/all mis)

5 bolter girls

Vexilla - shield and shiv, magnifica, RELIC: Castellan's Mark (-1CP)

2x5 venatari (all mis)

2000 pts, 10 cp

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

 Dec 2 - Live Battle Report - Necrons vs Custodes - Army Lists

Phil's Necrons - Battalion

Custom Dynasty - Relentlessly Expansionist, Eternal Conquerors

2x Cryptothralls

Overlord - hand of phaeron, resurrection orb, warscythe, WLT: thrall of the silent king

Technomancer - canoptic cloak, RELIC: veil of darkness

3x20 warriors

C'tan Shard nightbringer - antimatter meteor

Canoptek Spyder - 2 particle beamers

triarch Stalker - twin heavy gauss cannon

9 scarabs

5 wraiths

3 tomb blades - blasters

Darren's Custodes - Battalion (ver 9.5.3 reference)



Biker captain - hurricane bolter, RELIC: auric aquilas (-1CP) , WARLORD: Superior Creation, CC Trait: unstoppable Destroyer (-1CP)

Vexilla - magnifica, SS and shiv,  RELIC: castellan's mark

3x3 sagittarum (all mis)

5 aquilon terminators - lastrum/fist, mis

5 bolter sisters

2x5 venatari - all shields and pistols, all mis